Sex Survey Reveals Sex Toy Tastes

January 10, 2006
A recent survey undertaken by reveals peoples favorite toys in the bedroom. The research also found many Valentine’s may receive a sex toy wrapped in red this Valentine’s Day.

The survey revealed 74% of both women and men would “Love” to receive a sex toy as a gift. Another 26% thought it sounded fun, and no one in the survey found the idea objectionable.

The survey established of those participating in the survey 24% already owned 1 or 2 toys, 56% owned 3-6, 11% owned “Gobs” of toys and 9% don’t currently own a sex toy.

Regarding the question “What is your favorite sex toy?” respondents had a fill-in-the-blank response, not a multiple-choice answer. They wrote in the following choices:
17% Rabbit Vibrator
11% Glass Dildo
10% Vibrator (Non-Specified Type)
8% Love all sex toys
7% Sex Swing
7% Strap On Dildo
6% Bullet Vibrator
5% Dildo
4% Cock Ring & Vibrating Cock Ring
4% Anal plug or bead
3% Cyberskin Sex Toy
20% other toys or none yet

“We were surprised by several of the results,” said Ron Jacks partner at “One result that amazed us, even though our survey was taken on our adult toy website, was that everyone found receiving a sex toy as an appealing gift. Another result that raised several eyebrows here was how many straight men indicated their favorite sex toy was not for use on themselves but rather for use on the women in their life. Of the total men surveyed, 16% indicated their favorite toy was using a vibrator on their significant other with another 7% suggesting a glass dildo.”

Sex Expert Sue Johanson Releases Line of Vibrators and Sex Toys Made of Superior Hygiene Silicone

A new line of adult toys by sex expert Sue Johanson has been released. Sue Johanson, known to millions of television viewers as the star of the Sunday Night Sex Show & The Oxygen Network's Talk Sex, will be introducing her new "Talk Sex" Royal toy line to consumers and the media this month, manufactured by California Exotic Novelties.

"We believe Sue's new line of Silicone toys will be a big hit at", said Managing Partner, Ron Jacks. "Sue's international appeal as a top sex authority through her television and radio shows and as an author will add credence to this quality line of sex toys. We expect these toys to become very popular because of their quality, value and unique attributes."

These Johanson "Talk Sex" vibrator toys are made of silicone for superior hygiene, as they can be sterilized unlike most sex toys which are made of latex/rubber. Silicone toys also offer an alternative for users with allergies to latex, as they are non-alergenic. Many of the toys are waterproof as well, for fun in the bath, shower, or hot tub. The toys come in bright, fun colors. is offering the entire line through their ecommerce store Sue Joahnson Vibrators.

Virtual Reality Sex Toy Allows Partners To Excite Each Other From Any Where in the World

SUMMARY: announces a new Virtual Sex Toy allows partners any where in the world to excite each other.

STORY: An ingenius new virtual reality sex device makes it possible for sex partners to stimulate each other using any two internet connected computers in the world.

The Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator is the world's first sex toy that allows you to watch and control your partner over the Internet—perfect for long distance relationships. Now you can drive her wild as you watch and stimulator her from a control panel.

Ron Jacks, Managing Partner of, says, "We've gotten great response for the Internet Enabled Virtual Sex Rabbit Vibrator from lovers who are seperated, such as military people stationed in Iraq and other overseas assiagnments. Although, some people just like the naughty nature of this virtual reality sex toy."

The Internet Enabled Virtual Sex Rabbit Vibrator takes cybersex to the next level. This virtual reality sex toy is on the cutting edge of technology. Doc Johnson, the manufacturer of this advanced sex technology devise, teamed with to produce a vibrator toy that allows you to watch and control your partner over the Internet from any PC. The Rabbit Vibrator includes a multi-speed controller, swirling beads, pivoting head and independently controlled stimulator on the vibrator shaft. is an innovative online dating community that offers public lounges and private audio/video/text chat. Using the Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator over Highjoys system allows you to physically interact with other members who are half-way around the world or just a few feet away from you. You can watch your partner's excitement over a video connection as you control the vibrator's speed, rotation, and types of vibration (escalating, pulsating). Of course, the vibrator can also be used conventionally with the user in control.

The Virtual Sex Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator requires Windows 98 or later operating system, a serial or USB port, and an internet connection. The system includes a free membership to, software and connection cables for the vibrator to your computer.

Virtual Reality Sex Internet Enabled Vibrator Virtual Reality Sex Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator - More Information

Sex News on the Humorous Side

The Perfect Valentine's Gift...For Your Pet!

A Love Motel exclusively for pets has opened in Brazil. The Pet Love motel, in Sao Paulo, offers decorated rooms for pets to mate. The motel rooms are decorated in the same way as love motels for humans, with satin sheets, ceiling mirrors and lots of cushions. A Pet Love spokesperson said: "Pets have needs and they also want some excitement."


If He Had Only Had a Valentine...

A German man pretended his car had broken down to con local residents into letting him use their phones. They thought he was calling a tow truck when he was actually calling premium sex lines for up to 20 minutes at a time.

At least four women have complained to police. One victim told police: "It was raining and I felt bad that his car had broken down. After 15 minutes he was still on the phone; when I went to look he was red in the face and was obviously excited about something."

She added the man then hung up, ran out of her house and sped away in his car. "When I pressed redial someone called Jasmine asked what she could do for me and on my next phone bill I found 40 pounds charge for the call."


Eva Longoria Gives Vibrators As Birthday Gifts

January 7, 2006
Eva Longoria recently told reports that she gives all her girlfriends a vibrator on their birthday. The 'Desperate Housewives' star gives the electronic aids to her friends to help them discover themselves sexually.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine she was asked, "What is best sex you had all year?"

"Probably with my vibrator," Longoria replied. "I own two. I have the rabbit one, and I give that as a gift all the time to other girls for a birthday or the like. It's the best gift to give: an orgasm."

Considered one sexiest women in Hollywood, Longoria, who plays Gabrielle Solis on the hit 'Desperate Housewives', told Cosmopolitan Magazine: "After I spoke openly about vibrators I literally got boxes and boxes of free sex toys sent to me. So I was constantly giving them away ... Even before that I'd give them to girlfriends for their birthdays and they'd be so excited."

She contends that learning what sexually pleases you on your own leads to a better sex life with your husband or boyfriend. She added, "You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don't know what pleases you?"

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